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Welcome to NorthernOrganics. Freshness Starts Here.

We are very happy that you took the time to stop by. In today’s fast pace and busy world, one of the first thing that gets neglected is our health. We would like to help you to rectify that by offering you the very best quality organic fruits and vegetables in a convenient and economical manner. Allow us to bring fresh, healthy organic fruits and vegetables right to your door, office and or delivered as a gift on your behalf.

We aim to make life healthier and easier for you.


To provide the highest quality of organic produce to our customers in the most convenient and cost effective manner.

To first source Organic produce locally as we believe in supporting and standing by our local farmers

To provide the highest level of customer service possible.

To encourage increased farming and distribution of organic foods.

What we believe:

We believe that:  If one wants better health, the actions one takes must be intentional “faith without works is dead”

We believe that fresh, healthy, organic foods should be accessible to all.

We believe in fair trade.

We believe that through our choices we harness the power to make changes that affects and support sustainable agriculture and sound ecological practices.

We believe in that “Caring is Sharing” and of such we will always share new information with you that we think will help you in making healthy choices in your life and becoming more informed consumers.

1. Sign up: on our website or via telephone: (416)-301-3942.

2. Set your preferences

3. Receive your organic, fresh, delicious, and healthy fruits and or vegetables at your home, office or sent on your behalf as gift.

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